Work and income

One of the central objectives of the Deaf Centre is to create opportunities for work and income for Deaf people in Kwale. Next to empowering Deaf people to develop themselves and become self sustaining, we also try to generate income for the Deaf Centre in order to be less dependent on charity. 

The residents of the Deaf centre are obliged to participate in activities that helps them to find work. We guide them to jobs that fit their interest and competence. A job coach actively mediates between employers and the Deaf youth. Often, the placement starts with an attachment and not seldom it develops into a paying job. The Deaf Centre maintains good relationships with several employers all over Kwale.

Next to this, the Deaf Centre also runs its own business ventures. At the moment we are involved in the following business ventrures:

- Salon
- Shop
- Juicebar / cafe
- Beadwork
- Guesthouse