Partners of the Deaf Centre

The Long Trail 

The Long Trail is a Dutch organisation involved in various social projects in developing countries. Within the Deaf Centre we facilitate the empowerment of deaf youth. We also support other deaf people in the region.

Empowerment in this case means: empowering young people to become stronger individuals, so that they can, for instance, find a job or set up a "self-helping group" together with other deaf people. This is a group that does specific work for the municipality; for example collecting litter in the town of Kwale. Earmarked money is available for this in Kenya.


We also organise SPAT training (Sport and Physical Activity Trainers) for young disabled aspiring to become sports teachers. Ultimately, we want to train a number of young people from the Deaf Centre and beyond to become qualified sports teachers, who can give sports lessons at both deaf and mainstream primary schools.


In collaboration with travel organisation Wesemann Travel, The Long Trail also organises tourist trips in Kenya (for the deaf and hearing). This concerns "community based tourism". In other words: culture, safari and beach trips with accommodation and food offered by the local population in a small-scale setting. The Deaf Centre offers you a Bed & Breakfast option, which is run by deaf young people. When you sleep and eat at the Deaf Centre, you contribute to the well-being of these young people. With their work in the Bed & Breakfast they earn their own salary.

Woman, Wellness and Empowermenet (WWE)

Women Wellness and Empowerment is a local Community Based Organization registered in Kwale and Mombasa Counties since 2015, by the department of social services. The project aims to create a sustainable model to improve the health outcomes and reduce the economic and social vulnerability of Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) in marginalized communities.

Umoja Foundation

 The Umoja foundation (Swahili for "unity") was established in 2004. The Foundation aims the standardization and integration of deaf and mentally challenged children and young adults in Kenyan society. The foundation contribute by investing in the development of special education in Kwale and surroundings, South-East Kenya. Their goal is to organize education in these villages so that children can develop their talents and achieve self-realization (at any level).

For deaf children in particular, education must lead to an independent life in Kenyan society. This is possible because deafness is not a learning disability. Deaf children can lead an independent life if given education and the right support. To achieve this we offer education in three steps: primary school, craft school and living/working facility at the Deaf Center.

Umoja support: 

1. Primary school / boarding school for (100) deaf children, Kwale

2. Secondary vocational school for (40) deaf youngsters, Kwale

3. School for the (125) Mentally Challenged, Kwale.

4. Deaf Center in Kwale for (15-20) deaf young adults.


Greenland Foundation

The Groenland Foundation provides aid to the poorest in society. The foundation saw the light of day in 1981 and is the foundation of the C.A.K. Group, mother of the insurance company "National Academic", of the underwriter "Promovendum" and of the financial advice center "Academica". The companies are primarily active in the insurance and mortgage sector. The foundation aims to help and support the poorest in society. We support projects in Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, Niger, Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa and Romania.
Since the start of the foundation in 1981, we have been able to provide aid for a total of almost € 4.5 million. The value of this aid, converted to European standards, can be estimated at around €50 million. This in addition to the untold human yield.