Village tour

A walk to Kwale town passing through the rural areas. You will learn about the way of life of the local community and visit several people and projects, such as a butterfly farm, local residents, and local small businesses. A local guide from Kwale will give explanations and information about life in this part of Kenya. 

Community hike

Join the scouts of Gamtoni scouting group on a walk through the surrounding area and engage with the local community. Participate in games and sports, help disadvantaged elderly to maintain their land, learn about conservation of natural flora and fauna, while interacting with the youths of Kwale. 

Boda tour

Explore Kwale country from the back of a motorcycle. One of our trained and carefully selected motorcyclists will take you in a journey through the rural areas along the most spectacular viewpoints and beautiful natural environments. 

Shimba Hills national park 

Visit one of the largest coastal forests in East-Africa that hosts a wide variety of animals such as antilopes, zebras, buffaloes, and several monkey species. Large mammals such as elephant, giraffe, and leopards are also to be found but they tend to hide themselves and are not easy to spot. Next to driving around you can also hike through the tropical forests on foot to a waterfall. Don't forget to bring your swimwear because you take a refreshing plunge in the natural pool at the waterfall. 

Snorkling trip Wasini and beach time

A full day of snorkeling and relaxing in one of the most beautiful marine parks of Kenya. At about 1.5 hours drive from the Deaf Centre you board a boat and sail onto the Indian Ocean to swim and snorkel at coral reefs and other beautiful spots. Chances are you will see wild dolphins on the way, and a lunch is provided on a small inhabited island. On the way back to Kwale we will stop at natural caves where slaves used to be held, a dark page of Kenya's history. Eventually we will bring you back to the Deaf Centre, or you can spend some hours at Diani Beach, which is one of the most beautiful tropical beaches of East-Africa and is located at about 30 minutes driving from the Deaf Centre. We know several spots where you can relax, and we provide transport services back and forth from the Deaf Centre. 

Citytour Mombasa

We organize day trips to the historical port city of Mombasa from the Deaf Centre. It is about a 1.5 hours drive to the city centre, and there you can visit several sites and landmarks. The historical city centre consists of a maze of small alleys and little streets that lead along a variety of 18th and 19th century buildings which tell a fascinating history of this lively city. The highlight is 'Fort Jesus' a Portuguese fortress which goes back to the late 16th century! Other sites to visit in Mombasa is Haller park that displays a wide variety of animals and the old market. Mombasa is also a beach city with several excellent beach resorts and lively night life. 


We provide private transport to several destinations such as Mombasa city and Diani Beach. contact us for the latest prices. 


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